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Allied Health Professionals

Our team of Allied Health Practitioners are on hand to assist you with your clinical needs.

Advanced Nurse/Clinical Practitioners

Our Advanced Nurse/Clinical Practitioners are trained specialists who can provide treatment and advice for many problems. They can also prescribe medication, make referrals and admit patients to hospital when necessary.

MSK (Musculoskeletal) First Contact Practitioners

Our MSK First Contact Practitioners are trained physiotherapists who can diagnose and manage musculoskeletal problems. They will often be your first point of contact for problems with your muscles and bones (e.g. back pain). The primary role of this team is to diagnose and refer on to appropriate services where necessary. They do not provide ongoing physiotherapy.

Patient Guide: How our MSK First Contact Practitioners Can Help You

Our MSK Practitioners will:

  • Diagnose your condition
  • Give expert advice on how best to manage your condition
  • Refer to specialist services if necessary, including ongoing physiotherapy services
  • Assist with pain management by ensuring you have appropriate medication for your condition

What are Musculoskeletal (MSK) problems?

Musculoskeletal problems involve muscles, bones, joints and nerves.

Our practitioners are trained to diagnose and manage MSK problems. Their role within the practice is to be your first contact point for MSK problems and they will arrange any onwards referral or care you require. The team do not provide ongoing physiotherapy as this is commissioned within the community as a separate service. They will explain the nature of the problem you are experiencing, put in place a management plan with you and provide further intervention as necessary.

What can you expect when you see one of our MSK Practitioners?

When you see one of our specialist team, they will always provide:

  • A specialist assessment and management plan – this may include education, self-help advice, health promotion, specific exercise and a prescription for medication if required

If necessary, they may also provide one or more of the following:

  • Referral for further investigations – e.g. blood tests, x-rays and scans
  • Referral to other services – e.g. physiotherapy services, rehabilitation, podiatry or pain clinic referrals
  • Referral to secondary care – e.g. referral to orthopaedics, neurosurgery or rheumatology
  • Referral back to the GP or another Health Professional

What you should not expect from our MSK Practitioners?

Our team do not provide ongoing physiotherapy services. If you require this, you will be referred to the local community physiotherapy services where you will receive evidence-based up-to-date physiotherapy assessment and intervention which often involves self-help strategies and exercise.

If you believe that you may require ongoing physiotherapy, you do not need to come via the practice and can self-refer to the local service in the East Riding via this link: MSK Physiotherapy Service for the East Riding

How do I make an appointment to see an MSK Practitioner at the Practice?

Our Patient Services Team will normally ask you to tell them the reasons you need an appointment so that they can direct you to the most appropriate clinician. If your symptoms indicate a musculoskeletal problem, you will normally be offered an appointment with one of our MSK practitioners. You can also request this when you contact the practice.

What type of appointment will I be offered?

You may be offered either a telephone or a Face to Face appointment, depending on the nature of your problem and your preference. Sometimes, if a telephone call is arranged, you may be asked to send us photos or take part in a video call. If we have any concern that a clinical judgement cannot be made over the phone, we will arrange a face to face appointment.

Clinical Pharmacy Team

Our Clinical Pharmacist Team are highly qualified experts in medicines and carry out medication reviews for our patients with ongoing health problems and determine whether the prescribed medications are meeting the patients needs and goals of care. You may be contacted by one of our Clinical Pharmacists or Pharmacy Technicians to discuss or review your medication.