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Sharing your Information with Others

Collecting and sharing information is essential to provide safe and effective healthcare.

Appropriate information sharing is an essential part of the provision of safe and effective care. Patients may be put at risk if those who provide their care do not have access to relevant, accurate and up-to-date information about them.

All staff have an ethical and legal duty to keep patient information confidential.

Holderness Health now uses computer software called SystmOne, which is used widely across the NHS and care organisations to maintain accurate medical records about you.

These records store important and often sensitive, confidential, information about your illnesses and the care you have received in the past. Your record may contain contributions from various health and social care organisations, especially if your needs are complex. These may include records from urgent care settings to the physiotherapy service you may have attended.

Organisations can access your medical record if you give them permission. This is likely to benefit the care you receive. You may choose to decline to have your information shared in this way but this could disrupt your care. You may also change your mind about sharing at any time. Organisations using SystmOne should only access your record when they are involved in providing you care.

We aim to ensure that your choices about how your information is shared are respected.

We will ask you to give us your preferred mobile phone number or email address which will be recorded on your medical record. This means that when another organisation asks to access your record, we can send you a verification (security) code which allows you to choose whether to let that organisation access your medical record or not.

For example, you may be working or on holiday in another part of the country and need care from a hospital, or clinic.  Having access to your whole medical record will benefit the care they can provide you.  It may allow for better care provision if healthcare workers can access your full medical record. 

When you receive care close to your home you will not usually need to give a verification (security) code but you should always still be asked what your choices are about record sharing.

After 13 May 2024 (when our new computer system goes live), we will be asking all our patients to tell us their sharing preferences so that we can record this in your record.  You do not need to contact us regarding this – we will ask you about it when you have your next appointment/discussion with a suitably trained member of our team.

A more detailed guide is provided below which we hope will answer any questions you may have.