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Mental Health Wellbeing Coaches

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Coach team can support you with stress, feeling lonely, panic, sadness, bereavement, anxiety, low self-esteem, depression/low mood, sleeping problems, relationship challenges, COVID-19 recovery, chronic pain and many other issues. You can self-refer to the service and your coach will take you through a personalised wellbeing plan that will support your mental health recovery.
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Healthtrainers provide personal support and motivation to adults across the East Riding who wish to lead a healthier lifestyle. We all have issues in our lives which may affect our health in some way. You may want to get fitter, control your weight, have a healthier diet, quit smoking or cut down on alcohol. You may want to reduce your stress levels, or just feel better about yourself. If you want to become healthier but don't know where to start, a healthtrainer will be able to help you.
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Healthtrainers for Carers

Healthtrainers provide personal support and motivation to adult Carers across the East Riding who wish to lead a healthier lifestyle. You might want to find ways to improve your physical activity from home, improve your stress and anxiety or possibly look at ways to still feel connected to your friends and family when getting out and about as freely as you might like may be a challenge.
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Welcome to Easy Health

With over 380 easy read health resources that include pictures and simple text, Easy Health's information is accessible to anyone who finds written information hard to understand, including people with learning disabilities


On healthtalk.org you can find out about what it’s like to live with a health condition, by watching other people share their stories. Our health affects every aspect of our lives. This website helps to prepare you for what’s ahead, beyond the symptoms and treatments. Healthtalk.org contains hundreds of real people’s stories. These stories are collected by academic researchers who interview people in their own homes, using their own words.


We are the independent national champion for people who use health and social care services. We’re here to find out what matters to people, and help make sure their views shape the support they need.
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By sharing people’s real-life experiences, healthtalk.org provides free, reliable information about health issues. You can watch people share their stories about cancer, autism, motor-neurone disease, pregnancy, drugs, depression and much more.


Humankind create services and support to meet people’s complex health and social needs, helping them to build healthier lives that have meaning and value for themselves and their families. They support local people to create stronger, better-connected communities.
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