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Housebound & Older People

District Nurses

District nurses have been at the front line of health care in the community for many years. If you can’t leave your home due to poor health, problems getting around or a long-term condition, your district nurse is there to help.

District Nurses carry out many roles for housebound and older patients, including:

  • General nursing procedures and investigations
  • Post-surgery care
  • Assessment of patients’ needs
  • Care for terminally ill patients
  • Loaning of equipment
  • Looking after wounds and leg ulcers
  • Educating patients about self-care

Practice Services for Housebound Patients

For those patients who are genuinely housebound and are unable to attend the practice, we provide a range of services at home. This includes vaccinations (e.g. annual flu vaccination) and annual review appointments.

We are only able to offer such services to those who are coded as housebound on our system and we will regularly review such coding. Patients are not considered to be housebound if they are able to go out for other appointments or social engagements such as dental appointments, hairdresser appointments or going out to shops or restaurants.

If you feel that you can demonstrate housebound status for yourself or someone you care for, please discuss this with us.